Enterprise Postgres made easy.
On Kubernetes

StackGres is a fully-featured platform for running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes.
Deploy in minutes an Enterprise-Grade Postgres-as-a-Service, in your infrastructure.
100% Open Source.

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What StackGres is

StackGres is a stack of software components built on standard Postgres. With Patroni for high availability, connection pooling, automated backups, monitoring, centralized logging, and a fully-featured management web console.

StackGres Features

Deploy a Postgres cluster, in 1 minute

From web console

For UI lovers or less experienced users. Just point-and-click and deploy in minutes an Enterprise-grade Postgres cluster. No Postgres expertise required!

From CLI

For Kubernetes Administrators, CLI lovers, GitOps integration. No Postgres expertise required either.

Not just another Postgres Operator: Postgres integrated into the cloud-native world


Runs on any Kubernetes 1.16+


Very rich Postgres monitoring metrics exported to Prometheus, customized AlertManager alerts.


Expertly designed, yet customizable, Grafana dashboards included


Used as a proxy, with a specialized Postgres filter to add wire-level observability to Postgres


Centralize all Postgres and Patroni logs from all pods


Capture Postgres logs and send to Fluentd

1-command installation to StackGres

Installation from kubectl

For production use and installation automation.

kubectl apply -f https://sgres.io/install

Customize kubectl installation

Installation from Helm

For production use and installation automation.

helm install —namespace stackgres stackgres-operator —set-st …

Customize Helm installation

Built by Postgres experts. For Kubernetes users

No need to deal with advanced Postgres tuning, high availability, connection pooling, monitoring, automated backups… Reduce deployment time from weeks to minutes.

All the required Postgres components and expertise are built-in, fully automated. With StackGres, if you are a Kubernetes user or administrator, you are a Postgres expert too.

StackGres Features

Tested and supported in the cloud and on-premise