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Cloud Native

Running a database on K8s? yes, we can! We have tailored PostgreSQL and all of the components of the stack for a truly native K8s experience. Minimal containers, trivial deployment, operator automation.


Enterprise-Grade Stack

An enterprise-grade PostgreSQL deployment is not just PostgreSQL. It requires connection pooling, automatic failover and HA, monitoring, backups and DR, centralized logging... we have built it all into a production-ready, enterprise-grade PostgreSQL stack.


Open Source

StackGres deploys vanilla, open-source PostgreSQL and open-source PostgreSQL ecosystem components. StackGres itself is also open source. And all of it runs on top of the open-source Kubernetes.

Deploy Postgres clusters via GUI...

StackGres has a detailed web UI from where you can create and manage your PostgreSQL clusters and configurations. And also monitor them!

...or via cli with kubectl

StackGres is CLI-friendly: with just a few commands and a minimal YAML files, you can deploy and easily manage your PostgreSQL clusters.


A "PostgreSQL distro"

StackGres is to PostgreSQL as RedHat is to GNU/Linux: Postgres plus a curated set of open source components, all built, verified and packaged to run natively on Kubernetes.


Like RDS, but having root

You want the simplicity and completeness of managed PostgreSQL as a Service solutions, like RDS. But you also want full control and run it on any cloud or on-premise. And you want full root access (AKA the postgres user). We’ve got you covered.


Strongly opinionated Stack

PostgreSQL has a large ecosystem and many times there are several tools offering similar functionality. Which one should you use? What are the pros and cons? How to optimally configure them all to work together flawlessly? OnGres has applied its extensive operational experience on the largest enterprise-grade environments to select and configure the best components for StackGres.


Built on a minimal, modern and enterprise-grade container OS

All StackGres container images are built on the Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) version 8, which is derived from RHEL 8. UBI8 are optimized container images, of a minimal size. With the reliability, stability and long-term support roadmap of RHEL. UBI8 is free to use, and is fully supported by Red Hat if you have a RHEL support contract.

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