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Please help us spread the word. There is a new and innovative way to manage Postgres clusters on Kubernetes: StackGres. Let the Twitter world know about it!

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StackGres is fully Open Source. Join the StackGres Community becoming an advocate, user, tester or contributor of StackGres. Everybody is welcome in this open Community.

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Developers: source code

All the source code is available in GitLab. There’s a mirror in GitHub. If you like StackGres, please share some love by liking/starring it. Since stars on GitLab are not that popular, we’d appreciate it if you like both repositories.

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Developers: Documentation

If you are a Kubernetes Administrator or a Java Developer, you might want to contribute back to StackGres, either by testing it, developing Kubernetes code (Helm, architecture) or Java’s core operator. Join StackGres Development!

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Developers: issue tracking

If you want to see what’s coming down the road, check our public dashboards. They are open so you can create issues yourself or comment on open issues. We welcome feedback, ideas and collaborations!

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