How to install StackGres

StackGres is designed to be extremely easy to install: type in just one command to have it installed. You can try with two installation procedures: via kubectl for demo purposes or with Helm for production installation.

Use kubectl for quick installation and getting started, and Helm for production-ready/scripted installation.

Both have default values and there's options to customize both. For further information, please refer to the Install section on the StackGres Documentation.

Installation via helm

For production use and installation automation

Helm template is fully customizable. You may create your own values.yaml file. Check all the available parameters. Below is a simple form to help you quickly personalize some of the most common ones:

  • helm install --create-namespace --namespace stackgres stackgres-operator --set-string adminui.service.type=LoadBalancer
  • helm install --create-namespace --namespace stackgres stackgres-operator --set-string adminui.service.type=LoadBalancer

Installation via kubectl

For getting started and demo purposes

For the quickest installation, just use the default install and apply the URL with kubectl. If you want to customize the namespace where to install StackGres, how to expose the Web Console or whether to enable/disable embedded monitoring, select the Customized parameters tab and use your custom values.

  • kubectl create -f ''
  • kubectl create -f ''

If you need further customization, and for production installations, please consider the Helm installation method.