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StackGres Open-Source


  • AGPLv3 Open Source license.
  • 2 latest major Postgres versions supported.
  • Best-effort support via our Slack and Discord Community channels.


StackGres Enterprise

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  • Commercial license.
  • 5 latest major Postgres versions supported.
  • 24x7 issue based support with SLA.

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Bespoke Solutions

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  • If your company needs custom integrations with third-party systems, or requires StackGres with custom componentes, or is planning to build a Postgres-as-a-Service solution based on StackGres, talk to us.

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We take care of your StackGres and all its infrastructure

Our team has wide experience with the Postgres ecosystem and its infrastructure, which makes it possible for us to provide help in many different ways and areas.
As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, we offer support, consulting, professional services and training for organizations who are looking forward to build, manage and operate Kubernetes-based solutions.

StackGres Consulting

  • Our Professional Service team is made up of Postgres DBAs, CKAs and DevOps, which allows us to help you not only with your Postgres core but with the full ecosystem around it, including Kubernetes.

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