Customize Connection Pooling Configuration

If you happen to be reading this, it’s because you are aware of your application characteristics and needs for scaling connections on a production environment.

A simple way to target this correctly, is to verify the usage of Prepared Statements, on top of which session mode will be the only compatible.

Some applications, do not handle connection closing properly, which may require to add certain timeouts for releasing server connections.

Reloading configuration

In the Customizing Pooling configuration section, it is explained the different sauces for scaling connections properly.

Each configuration, once applied, need to be reloaded. This can be done by getting the corresponding primary node pod name and issue the same signal it is done on most of the environments:

PRIMARY=$(kubectl get pod -l role=master -n my-cluster -o name)
kubectl exec -n my-cluster -it ${PRIMARY} -c postgres-util -- pkill --signal HUP pgbouncer