Backup configuration

StackGres takes and maintains backups of your clusters automatically, if configured to do so. You will need an object storage backup, see Object Storage Prerequisite if you don’t have one configured yet.

Backups are created with Postgres continous archiving (physical backups), which allow essentially zero or close to zero data loss. Base backups are taken regularly, and every generated WAL file is pushed to the object storage to account for data changes in between base backups.

To access the bucket, StackGres will expect you to have configured a Kubernetes Secret where the bucket credentials are stored. The keys of the secret may have any name that you want, they will be later referenced by a SecretKeySelector where you can specify the names of the keys that contain the credentials. Credentials may vary depending on the object storage technology used, continue to the technology of your choice link below to configure the credentials and the backup configuration: