Create the Cluster

In the section Create a simple cluster it was already presented how to create a simple cluster. Here a more advanced cluster will be created, referencing all the configurations and infrastructure already prepared.

For more information, review the SGCluster CRD specification. Create the file sgcluster-cluster1.yaml with the following content:

kind: SGCluster
  namespace: demo
  name: cluster
  postgresVersion: '12.3'
  instances: 3
  sgInstanceProfile: 'size-small'
      size: '10Gi'
    sgPostgresConfig: 'pgconfig1'
    sgPoolingConfig: 'poolconfig1'
    sgBackupConfig: 'backupconfig1'
    sgDistributedLogs: 'distributedlogs'
  prometheusAutobind: true

and deploy to Kubernetes:

kubectl apply -f sgcluster-cluster1.yaml

You may watch pod and container creation:

kubectl -n demo get pods --watch

or from the Web Console:

Cluster Creation

While the cluster is being created, you may notice a blip on the distributed logs server, where a container is restarted. This is a normal process, and does only pause temporarily the collection of logs (no logs are lost, since they are buffered on the source pods). This is caused by a re-configuration which requires a container restart.