This core of the operator is built in pure-Java and uses the Quarkus framework crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards and compiled to native image using GraalVM.

Some of the pre-requisites to start developing on StackGres are:

  • Java OpenJDK 11 or higher. Alternatively, you could use the JDK from GraalVM.
  • GraalVM Community Edition 21.0.0 (Optional. Required for native image builds).
  • Maven 3.6.2 or higher (Optional. The mvnw script wrapper can be used).
  • Docker 20.10.6 or higher (Recommended. Required for integration and e2e tests).
  • Kubectl v1.18 or higher (Optional. Required for e2e tests outside of docker).
  • Helm 3.6.0 or higher (Optional. Required for e2e tests outside of docker or installation of charts).
  • Kind 0.11.1 or higher (Optional. Required for e2e tests).

Since StackGres is a standard Maven project, you can use any IDE you like, our team uses Eclipse and/or IntelliJ IDEA.