Chapter 1


Discover what StackGres is all about and the core-concepts behind it.

  • What is StackGres?

    Details about what is StackGres.

  • Features

    Details about StackGres features.

  • Architecture

    Details about StackGres archtecture.

  • Components of the Stack

    Details about the components of the "stack".

  • Licensing

    Details about StackGres license.

  • Versions

    Details about StackGres versions.

  • Tested environments

    Stackgres was tested and validated in the follow environments: Cloud Provider Kubernetes versions AWS EKS 1.18 Google GKE 1.13.11-gke.23 Digital Ocean 1.18.14 1.19.6

  • Extensions

    The table below contains the list of all avaiable extensions: Loading extensions info...