Install K3S and StackGres locally

This runbook will show you how to install (K3s)[] a simplified and secure version of Kubernetes which will require lower resources to create an environment, where we will deploy StackGres.

To proceed with the installation please execute:

1 - Install K3s:

curl -sfL | INSTALL_K3S_VERSION=v1.25.9+k3s1 sh -

2 - Add the config to kube config

sudo k3s kubectl config view --raw >> ~/.kube/config 

3 - Check the status of the nodes:

kubectl get nodes


NAME      STATUS   ROLES                  AGE    VERSION
jose-pc   Ready    control-plane,master   125d   v1.25.9+k3s1

4 - Add repo stackgres-charts and prometheus repo

helm repo add stackgres-charts
helm repo add prometheus-community
helm repo update

5 - Install Prometheus Operator

It is a prerequisite for StackGres monitoring:

helm install --create-namespace --namespace monitoring  prometheus-operator \
--set grafana.enabled=true \
--set-string grafana.image.tag=9.5.2 \
--set-string grafana.persistence.enabled=true \
--set-string grafana.persistence.size=10Gi \

6 - Install StackGres

helm install  --create-namespace --namespace stackgres stackgres-operator \
--set grafana.autoEmbed=true \
--set-string grafana.webHost=prometheus-operator-grafana.monitoring \
--set-string grafana.secretNamespace=monitoring \
--set-string grafana.secretName=prometheus-operator-grafana \
--set-string grafana.secretUserKey=admin-user \
--set-string grafana.secretPasswordKey=admin-password \
--set-string adminui.service.type=LoadBalancer \
stackgres-charts/stackgres-operator --version 1.4.3

Follow the instructions on the terminal for access the UI and credentials.

If you need this report again please execute:

helm get notes -n stackgres stackgres-operator

To deinstall K3S you should execute:

sudo /usr/local/bin/