As explained in the Demo section, for setting up the Operator and StackGres Cluster, you need to have an environment on top of which it needs to request the necessary resources.

Starting from version 1.2.x StackGres is able to run on any Kubernetes installation from 1.18 to 1.23 version.

  • K8s Environments

    Details about how to setup specific Kubernetes environments to work with StackGres.

  • Data Storage

    Data Storage Storage Classes Details about how to setup and configure the storage classes. Storage classes are used by the database clusters and will impact performance and availability of the cluster. Using OpenEBS Details about how to install OpenEBS and how to configure it

  • Backups

    Details about how to setup and configure the backups.

  • Monitoring

    Details about how to setup and configure prometheus.

  • Non production options

    Important notes for Non production options in the productiom environment.

  • Service mesh integration

    Details about the different options to integrate StackGres with some service mesh implementations.